• EcoPrimer®​Core shell acrylic modified alkyd emulsion with bio-based primer
  • CorrVerter®​Water-based primer formulated to penetrate rust, eliminate rust, penetrate to bare metal, and stop further rusting
  • ​VpCI® 372 - Modified water-base acrylic, corrosion inhibiting strippable/peelable coating
  • VpCI® 373 - Rust-inhibiting water-based wash primer
  • VpCI® 386 - Unique, water-based acrylic primer/topcoat that successfully provides  protection in harsh, outdoor, unsheltered applications
  • VpCI® 391​Water-born, temporary coating that is intended for medium to long-term indoor and outdoor protection
  • VpCI® 395 Epoxy Primer - Long-term waterborne epoxy primer for steel and aluminum